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ETF is a company founded in 2004, dedicated to processing 100% natural and healthy IQF frozen fruit and pulps (without additives or preservatives). We are located in Colombia, SA; Our country has unique natural conditions for the production of a wide variety of fruits.
Our products come from fruits directly from the crops (without intermediaries),from the farm to the pack, which ensures freshness and, thanks to our state-of-the-art transformation processes and certified HACCP processes, we guarantee excellent quality and a longer duration (2 years frozen).
The market we serve is distributors, large and medium-sized markets, industries and restaurants.

All our products are the result of the selection of the best fresh fruits, ripe in the field in the sun (not cavas), when they are in the exact point of harvest with the best flavor. Thanks to the IQF process, we can guarantee an excellent flavor and the conservation of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Products we offer

Exotic Tropical Fruits 100% Natural

The avocado contains all the nutrients that the human being needs, it has an exquisite and smooth flavor, of hazelnut, added to a tender and creamy consistency that allows its combination with any food; Currently, it is one of the fruits with the highest demand worldwide.

Presentations Avocado Frozen IQF: Halves, Cubes and Pulp

Avocado is an excellent food that makes you lose weight and less desire to eat

Exotic Tropical Fruits 100% Natural

Fruit pulps

The pulp is the edible part of the fruit, for its preparation we select the best healthy, ripe and clean fresh fruits. Thanks to the processes of elaboration of the latest technology, we ensure that the pulp retains its natural flavor and all its components as nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fibers. Our pulps are 100% natural and healthy, since they do not contain added water and are free of artificial flavors, preservatives or other additives. We have fruit pulp without freezing.




  • It must be stored at a temperature of -18C°
  • The period of validity is 2 years frozen
  • Once opened, it should be kept refrigerated and used in the next few days
  • Packages from 10 grams to 200 kg according to customer requirements
  • We also have the option of pulps without freezing Life 3 months

Exotic Tropical Fruits 100% Natural

Frozen Fruits IQF Coming Soon!!!


For the welfare and
of the environment


ETF is committed to the care and protection of the environment, for this we provide advice to growers regarding practices that do not damage the natural environment. In the processing plant, an adequate management of the organic waste is carried out, being delivered to a company that produces fertilizers from them.


At EFT we generate a great social impact thanks to the fact that we support the small farmer, ensuring the total purchase of his crops at a fair price, in addition to providing technical production assistance. In the processing plant we generate women who are mothers and heads of family.

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The Zona Franca de Rionegro is located in the department of Antioquia, 30 kilometers from the city of Medellín; next to the runway of the José María Córdova International Airport that serves the capital of the department.

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